AI Technology Is Transforming Accounting, Are you getting the benefits of it?

AI Technology Is Transforming Accounting, Are you getting the benefits of it?

Although ChatGPT is currently the hot topic, AI-powered new tools that can be integrated with your existing accounting software that helps you automate accounting workflows for CFOs, Controllers, and Auditors are game changers. For many accountants and industry professionals who have been in the industry, who are currently being asked to increase efficiency due to economic shocks, accounting has been having the reputation for being old-fashioned, traditional, and slow to adopt new technologies, other than a few cloud versions of software.

Is it the reality?

As opposed to outsourcing manual entry with lesser levels of accuracy on your daily, repetitive duties, workflow automation solutions that can integrate with your existing environment of accounting software and tools can actually deliver efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings.

How can 'Genieaz' help you?

AI is transforming the way you have been doing your job by complementing with faster information capturing using AI-based tools such as ‘Genieaz’ a breakthrough product from AIZENIT. Compared to existing AI-based solutions ‘Genieaz’ provides a combination of Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML) with the latest AI to capture data from invoices, receipts, pro forma invoices, bank statements, etc., and process individually or batch-wise to capture the data automatically and process to your favourite accounting software such as Xero, QuickBooks and many other.

How to view the 'Genieaz' demo?

If you are someone who is keen to learn how ‘Genieaz’ can help you to eliminate your manual data entry process from Purchase orders, Pro formas, Invoices, credit notes or receipts, etc., simply reach us via

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